What we do

Let’s change the world together.

Join us. Choose how to get involved:

Bront1Participate in a weekend event or a summer camp

Register for one of the events that we organize in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Mow a mountain meadow, plant a tree, or repair a castle, to name just a few of the possibilities. Meet new friends and create unforgettable memories with them. Our events are open to everyone, for free or for a symbolic fee.

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Bront2Be a volunteer

Be in the core of the movement. Join a group of volunteers of a well-known non-governmental organization. Get involved as much as you can and want to. Have fun, make your ideas a reality. Come to us and choose how to get involved.

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Organize your own events. Learn how to create interesting programs for children and young people. Educate yourself, perfect yourself, work in a team, overcome challenges. Take a look at our course offer for both beginners and seasoned organizers.

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Bront3Become a member

Be one of us. Support our ideals and our work. Join one of our core units, clubs, create your own core unit or a club, or become an independent member (not affiliated with any particular core unit or a club). It’s easy. Just help the Brontosaurus Movement go a little bit farther.

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